In charge of Coca Cola Company Iberian Division, and Coca Cola Europe accounts in ASOMO Socialware company.  For 5 years (2005-2010), I was an online consultant monitoring and analysing all the online conversation about all Coca Cola brands, delivering insights about opportunities and threats, strategic online branding and image crisis suggestions, studying target, trends and the impact of new products and marketing campaigns in real time. I also created tailored trends and research reports to cover specific needs.

My insights and suggestions were used for brand repositioning, new business ideas and successful marketing/communication campaigns. Such as:

Coca Cola – Encounters

The oldest man in Spain, hundred-years-old Josep Mascaró, visits a new born baby to explain her why, despite of crisis and hard times, life is worth living.

Prior to the concept of the spot, Coca Cola conducted a research on the values and worries of Spanish society in crisis times, for which I created a special report.


Aquarius -Road of encounters (El camino de los encuentros).

Following a study where it was observed how much the pilgrims of the Way of Saint James (Camino de Santiago) drink Aquarius, this campaign, with the focus on the brand’s self development attributes, was developed.


Note: I also conducted research studies and online consultancy reports for other companies such as Inditex (Zara), Nike or Nintendo.


Coca Cola

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